May, 2014

New Moon Vlog


Anybody who I have worked, lived, or played with will tell you I love talking about oxytocin. To me “The science & celebration of oxytocin” is equal parts sciencey geekery & spirituality.  Oxytocin is released at moments when we are clearly conduits for divine creative energy.  Birth & sex are potent but not exclusive examples of these moments.

Thus, this information is not just useful to people who are pregnant, birthing, or sexual!

This Sunday’s class will have the very best content from the animated mini-lectures I have given at various potlucks, night clubs, & Thanksgiving tables whilst socializing since I started studying midwifery at age 19.  Those lectures were the foundation for the class outline my doula darling friend PeggySue Smith & I wrote & presented a few years ago, & I will weave that class content with anecdotal evidence, & the best morsels of my perpetual independent studies on the topic.

To read more about the class & preregister for it (required) please visit Shebop’s event page by clicking here.


Welcome to my new site, by the way!

It’s an imperfect work-in-progress, as am I.  

As are we all. 

With this corner of cyberspace I declare a release of the fear of imperfection.

I declare new depth of commitment to transparency, authenticity, & vulnerability. 

I am a woman surfacing from a vast ocean of cultural pressure to compartmentalize & subdue sexual, spiritual, & emotional aspects of myself.

It’s frightful & delightful!

Image by Samantha Zipporah

Image by Samantha Zipporah

What else is imperfect?  This flyer I made with my novice DIY graphic & web design skills.  But I’m gonna share it with you

anyway, just like I will keep sharing my imperfect Musings + Inspiration with you here on this blog in the future!

I look forward to geeking out about ecstatic embodiment & biochemistry with some of you this Sunday evening!