July, 2014

Full Spectrum Doula Part 1: The Owl Baby Empathy + Reciprocity

When I was 15 I had a dream that I was pregnant with an owl.  I remember the visceral sense of wonder & horror I felt as I contemplated the sharp beak & claws shredding my tender womb, vagina, & vulva in the act of birth.  I knew that I couldn’t keep this owl baby: it would destroy me from the inside out.  I had to end its life & birth it while it was still soft & small, but how?images Read more →

Reclaiming Rites of Passage

Ordinary Miracle

Fertility & birth are both sacred & mundane.  They are ordinary &  miraculous.  I recently came across this poem by one of my favorite authors, Barbara Kingsolver, that beautifully illustrates the everyday magic of creation. Read more →