August, 2014

Full Spectrum Doula Part 2: On The Radio

A few weeks ago I had the amazing honor of being interviewed on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s show “Think Out Loud” about the support I give women who end or lose pregnancies. You can listen here. It was my first time being interviewed by the media, & I found staying mentally nimble & emotionally present knowing that my words were going to be heard by hundreds of people not in the room to be quite a challenge! Among the things I wish I had created an opportunity to mention on air are:

1.) My efforts to revive Calyx, a Full Spectrum Doula collective here in Portland

2.) A very special evening I am orchestrating called  “The Womb as Spirit Door: A Healing Workshop & Ritual for Miscarriage & Abortion” on November 1st (Dia De Lose Muertos / Samhain) at Tryon Life Farm. 

3.) The importance of creating a standard among birth workers where the language “Full Spectrum” represents a haven for welcoming all pregnancy outcomes equally.

In my opinion, the highlight of the clarity of my communication in the interview happened about 10 minutes into it. Dave Miller asked me “What do you want to see the medical field do differently?”  I told him I wanted to see people Read more →