December, 2014

“A pregnancy is a pregnancy is a pregnancy, & you fucking deserve to be supported”

The title of this post is a quote from a client, colleague, & inspiration of mine, therapist Gillian Callaghan.

She’s describing full spectrum doula care during her interview on the podcast “Mental Illness Happy Hour”. The interview includes discussion of her own miscarriage experience, the value of full spectrum doula care, as well as details of how the healing that came about through our relationship unfolded. There is mention of an abortion she had years prior to her miscarriage as well.  Gillian speaks brilliantly to the fact that our authentic emotional experiences are valid & valuable regardless of how a pregnancy ends, through empowered choice or tragedy,

“…you fucking deserve to be supported.”

I adore this courageous redhead, & am so blessed to have connected with her.

In an interview of my own just a few weeks later on KBOO’s “Bread & Roses” I got to give voice to this radical notion that Read more →