January, 2015

The Self Evident Cervix

People like to post vagina themed things on my facebook page.

They mean well, but unwittingly these posts often provoke a tirade of dissent from me. What can I say?  I have very strong feelings about vagina themed things. One of these strong feelings is the desire for us to collectively learn what exactly anatomically a vagina is, & is not.

It appears that most people don’t know the difference between a vulva & a vagina.

They are in fact, distinctly different parts of our anatomy. One is readily visible from the outside, & one is decidedly not.

Even body-positive activists who are trying to educate & empower the public are confused about this difference. Here are two prime examples:

1.) This video of women looking at their vulvas for the first time was shared with me more than once by folks who hoped it would make me happy because it seems to promote women’s self knowledge.  While it’s spectacular that the women in the video are overcoming feelings of insecurity & apprehension about their bodies this video doesn’t make me happy.

It makes me angry. Read more →