March, 2015

DIY Ritual

Ritual is something that creates separation from daily life,

sacred space,

connects with


honors Spirit.

The physical tangibility


clarity of  intention

inherent to ritual & ceremony can benefit us in many phases of our sexual health.  First menarche, childbirth, abortion, miscarriage, menopause, celebration, & grieving are all occasions for ritual throughout history & in traditional cultures.

Through creating our own rituals we embrace traditions imbued with personal meaning & choice.

The personal meaning is of utmost importance.  Ritual does not have to follow a formula.  The following is simply an outline full of suggestions to inspire or guide you in creating a meaningful DIY ritual. Themes in this guide are commonly used throughout history & presently in Reclaiming Traditions as well as many earth based lineages.

Consult your intuition.

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