October, 2015

Planned Parenthood: One Eyed King

  • Our bodies are sacred, capable, & beautiful


  • The mind, body, & spirit connection deserves reverence & respect


  • We can experience embodied joy & personal power through sexual health & fertility


  • We have a right to informed consent through understanding the risks & benefits of a myriad of choices


  • No thing & no one should ever enter the vagina or womb without complete informed consent


>> “consent”:  from the Latin “con” meaning “with” & “sentire” meaning “feeling”.  To me this validates the notion that consent is at its roots an emotional agreement & resonance, not an intellectual understanding or passive permission given.

Image by Miss Led

These statements are the core of my philosophy & the care that I provide.

In my pursuit of living these ideals, I worked with Planned Parenthood for several years.  I volunteered as a youth lobbyist, peer mediator, fund-raiser, & pre-teen sex ed teaching assistant in my home town of Boise, Idaho. I did an administrative internship & was employed as a campus organizer in my late teens & early 20s in Eugene, Oregon. In my early years living in Portland, Oregon I served as a patient advocate at the Southeast clinic, providing basic abortion doula support during surgical procedures.

Over the years as I developed my philosophy & awareness, I came to understand that the institution & political machine of Planned Parenthood did not share or uphold my philosophy. I don’t know if institutions of its size can, but I dream of a world where they do.

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