October, 2017


I am so glad we’re talking about rape culture on this grand of a social media scale y’all.

In addition to the (valid! important!) individual experiences of physical assault, rape, or trauma ~ ALL of us who grew up in any semblance of “normal” American culture have been sexually assaulted & abused. Our psychological, spiritual, & emotional health has been perverted & violated by the way the dominant paradigm treats sexuality : pathologizing, demonizing, dominance, control, commodification, mis & disinformation, mutilation (circumcision) repression, etc

We ALL suffer from rape culture / capitalism / patriarchy, not just “women” identified people who have experienced unwelcome physical manifestations of this deep disconnect to source / self.

The most atrocious violation is that of the entire culture’s minds, hearts, spirits that has made tolerable & actionable the violation of mother earth.
Our bodies are the earth.

While i see the value of this #metoo conversation, I invite you to dig radically deeper than a hashtag, deeper than the burden shared by those socialized in a certain gender-identity.

Dig deeper to examine the roots of sexual violence & rape culture. Find the ways these roots are tangled inextricably to the forces of oppression that turn
resources into commodities
relationships into services.





I feel blessed to have identified a path of devotion for myself
cultivating & honoring my connection to source.

Specifically :
the ways divine creative energy/nature moves inherently through my body in breath,
fertility & sexuality.
I am daily
doing my best to educate & empower others on their own unique paths to embracing their power & feeling their connection.

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