A Call to Action for Fertility & Birth Professionals

A Call to Action for Fertility & Birth Professionals

The same people who offer professional care for culturally celebrated reproductive processes like trying to conceive, healthy pregnancy & birth have a responsibility to learn about miscarriage & abortion. I want to see miscarriage & abortion care added to the curriculum of certification & licensing programs of every modality of care provider who supports fertility & pregnancy.

These experiences are extremely common:

70% of conceptions die prior to live birth (1)

59.5% of people in the US who had abortions in 2014 were already parents. (2)

Even if birth doulas, midwives, OBs, fertility specialists & health coaches do not want to specialize in miscarriage & abortion care, they can better serve their patients & clients with a clear understanding of all types of pregnancy experiences, including loss & termination

This is because, as my midwifery teacher Elizabeth Davis frequently said,

“Every time you touch a woman, you touch everything that has happened to her there.”

With this statement, Elizabeth was encouraging her students to be sensitive to the fact that when we served as a midwife doing a pelvic exam or assisting with the process of birth, we would need to be aware that in our hands we hold the potential to trigger, heal, or otherwise “touch” the sexual experiences, traumas, & pregnancies that occurred in the body we touch.

Healing is not linear.

Fertility & pregnancy are profound alchemy.

“Every time you touch a woman, you touch everything that has happened to her there.”

This is true of all people, not just those who identify as women.

This is true of physical bodies and of emotional, psychological, & spiritual bodies.

This is not just sentimental, this is scientific.

I have created the Miscarriage & Abortion Support e-course to offer care providers of every modality who care for people at all stages of reproductive health an in-depth education about normal every day experiences that have been too long buried in shame & stigma.

We must demystify to destigmatize.

Education is the answer.

This offering is a call to action for all fertility & birth professionals to include confident, competent & compassionate service to their communities during all reproductive cycles. Competent care for fertility & pregnancy includes & does not shame miscarriage & abortion. As care providers, we have not just the honor, but the obligation to gain proficiency, awareness, & sensitivity to all pregnancy experiences.

Please join me in cultivating a global community of skilled & informed care providers.


If you’d like to receive the extensive resource section of my Miscarriage & Abortion Support course as a free gift, enter your info in the window below. Enrollment is now open for this course, for more details & to register follow this link.


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