Exhale ~ website and talkline (1-888-4-EXHALE) focused on emotional support after an abortion

Faith Aloud ~ website & talkline (1-888-717-5010)  focused on faith-based support with multi-faith clergy offering moral support for abortion

Backline : Website & Hotline (1-888-493-0092) offering non-judgemental counseling & resources before, during, & after pregnancy, parenting, abortion, or adoption.

Network for Reproductive Options ~ non-profit organization offering reproductive health support & resources (funding & counseling)

Cascades Abortion Support Collective ~ Free abortion doula care in Portland, OR


Holistic Healing After Abortion by Samantha Zipporah ~ A mini-encyclopedia of everything I know on this topic. Including psycho-spiritual approaches, herbs, nutrition, & more.

Self-Ritual For Invoking Release of Spirit Life in the Womb by  Deborah Maia~ out of print and hard to find, but deeply valuable spiritual information

The Psychology of Abortion by Ginette Paris ~ Originally called  “THE SACRAMENT OF ABORTION” discusses abortion as the “right” thing to do, both physically and spiritually: “Abortion is about love, life, and death.”

A Difficult Decision: A Compassionate Book About Abortion excellent small book with exercises on acceptance, decision making, information, compassion, and support

Natural Liberty by Sage Femme Collective ~ anonymously written comprehensive text on holistic, historical & non-clinical abortion care. Amazing detailed herbal info.

What if Your Mother by Judith Arcana ~ exquisite poetry on abortion (primarily), abortion provision, miscarriage, and parenting by

A Woman’s Book of Choices by Rebecca Chalker ~ a guide for women planning an abortion or thinking of having one including menstrual extraction & other home remedies



Abortion Conversation Project ~ incredible resources on having open, honest conversations free from stigma around abortion

Full Spectrum Doula Network ~ list of full spectrum doula organizations across the United States

The Abortion Diary Podcast ~ academic baddass Melissa Madera travels the country collecting oral history of abortion

Abortion Diaries ~ great collection of stories

Sea Change Program ~ project seeking to end abortion stigma

4000 Years For Choice ~ timeline of abortion care for the last 4000 years along with beautiful graphic design posters, shirts, etc. with awesome facts & images

“So What If Abortion Ends Life?” ~ Salon article on the complexities of language, abortion, values, etc.

Women on Waves ~ Bold, provocative organization working to improve abortion access around the world in countries where the provision of abortion is illegal or illegal in most cases.

Our Spirit Babies Ceremonies ~ open interfaith ceremonies for commemorating pregnancy loss of all kinds

Menstrual Extraction ~ great article explaining basics, with excellent links to other sources

Why Menstrual Extraction is a Good Idea ~ 1993 article from one of the founders of the menstrual extraction movement




Laci Green ~ The Basics / What is it?

How To Heal From An Abortion Spiritually



I am honored to provide individualized counseling & education sessions to discuss all abortion options, including but not limited to herbal abortion.

My consults are meant to be informational not instructional, as are all of the wonderful resources listed below.

Please note that it is my educated opinion that using plant medicine to abort a pregnancy is not a wise choice for most people, especially those who have no previous respectful relationship with plant medicine. On a purely practical levle, plant medicine is not the most direct route from point A (pregnant) to point B (not pregnant) available to us in modern culture. I provide these resources & teach on this topic because I immensely value informed consensual decision making, & believe this ancestral earth based wisdom that is our birth rite.

Natural Liberty ~ By far the most in depth detailed guide to DIY abortion methods I have found, including over 50 herbs. The etymology, folklore, historical use, effectiveness, energetics, & toxicity for each herb is discussed. You can read a pdf for free online or order the book.

Sisterzeus ~ The online gold standard for herbal contraception & abortion information. It has not been updated for a long time, but the information is thorough, thoughtful, & accurate.

Fruit From The Tree of Knowledge by Uni Tiamat

Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Year by Susun Weed ~ This excellent book which focuses predominantly on pregnancies that are carried to term also includes an emmenagogue recipe & protocol: discussion of how to bring on absent menstruation. The language does not explicitly identify abortion, but the recipes & information provided are on point for bringing on bleeding to end a very early pregnancy.


The Red Door Collective  ~ An amazing trusted resource with a generous by-donation pdf download & option to order a physical book detailing 4 different methods of out of clinic pregnancy release methods. “It is the hope of the Red Door Collective that midwives, healers, families, & health care providers can use the resources provided here to serve their communities with accurate and relevant information regarding self-induced, non-clinical abortion care.”