Exhale ~ website and talkline (1-888-4-EXHALE) focused on emotional support after an abortion

Faith Aloud ~ website & talkline (1-888-717-5010)  focused on faith-based support with multi-faith clergy offering moral support for abortion

Backline : Website & Hotline (1-888-493-0092) offering non-judgemental counseling & resources before, during, & after pregnancy, parenting, abortion, or adoption.

Network for Reproductive Options ~ non-profit organization offering reproductive health support & resources (funding & counseling)

Cascades Abortion Support Collective ~ Free abortion doula care in Portland, OR


Holistic Healing After Abortion by Samantha Zipporah ~ A mini-encyclopedia of everything I know on this topic. Including psycho-spiritual approaches, herbs, nutrition, & more.

Self-Ritual For Invoking Release of Spirit Life in the Womb by  Deborah Maia~ out of print and hard to find, but deeply valuable spiritual information

The Psychology of Abortion by Ginette Paris ~ Originally called  “THE SACRAMENT OF ABORTION” discusses abortion as the “right” thing to do, both physically and spiritually: “Abortion is about love, life, and death.”

A Difficult Decision: A Compassionate Book About Abortion excellent small book with exercises on acceptance, decision making, information, compassion, and support

Natural Liberty by Sage Femme Collective ~ anonymously written comprehensive text on holistic, historical & non-clinical abortion care. Amazing detailed herbal info.

What if Your Mother by Judith Arcana ~ exquisite poetry on abortion (primarily), abortion provision, miscarriage, and parenting by

A Woman’s Book of Choices by Rebecca Chalker ~ a guide for women planning an abortion or thinking of having one including menstrual extraction & other home remedies




Abortion Conversation Project ~ incredible resources on having open, honest conversations free from stigma around abortion

Full Spectrum Doula Network ~ list of full spectrum doula organizations across the United States

The Abortion Diary Podcast ~ academic baddass Melissa Madera travels the country collecting oral history of abortion

Abortion Diaries ~ great collection of stories

Sea Change Program ~ project seeking to end abortion stigma

4000 Years For Choice ~ timeline of abortion care for the last 4000 years along with beautiful graphic design posters, shirts, etc. with awesome facts & images

“So What If Abortion Ends Life?” ~ Salon article on the complexities of language, abortion, values, etc.

Women on Waves ~ Bold, provocative organization working to improve abortion access around the world in countries where the provision of abortion is illegal or illegal in most cases.

Our Spirit Babies Ceremonies ~ open interfaith ceremonies for commemorating pregnancy loss of all kinds

Menstrual Extraction ~ great article explaining basics, with excellent links to other sources

Why Menstrual Extraction is a Good Idea ~ 1993 article from one of the founders of the menstrual extraction movement






Laci Green ~ The Basics / What is it?

How To Heal From An Abortion Spiritually





Downtown Women’s Health Center  ~ Great staff & rad Marge Piercey quote in exam room. No protesters to deal with.

Lovejoy Surgicenter ~ Often fastest appt. scheduling, no personal companions allowed for procedures though. This is a  for profit business rather than health center. Often protesters present en route.

Planned Parenthood ~ non profit clinic. Some great careproviders, but also a lot of impersonal “conveyor belt feeling” care.


Disclaimer: Using plant medicine to end a pregnancy is not a wise choice in most situations. I provide these resources & teach on this topic because I immensely value informed consensual decision making. I am honored to provide individualized education speaking to the nuances of physiology & all abortion options including herbs. The following resources are intended to be used for reference not instruction.  I strongly encourage folks to be in touch with me or another experienced healing ally to aid in decision making & support throughout the abortion process, regardless of what method of abortion they choose.

Natural Liberty ~ By far the most in depth detailed guide to DIY abortion methods I have found, including over 50 herbs. The etymology, folklore, historical use, effectiveness, energetics, & toxicity for each herb is discussed. You can read a pdf for free online or order the book.

Sisterzeus ~ The online gold standard for herbal contraception & abortion information. It has not been updated for a long time, but the information is thorough, thoughtful, & accurate.

Fruit From The Tree of Knowledge by Uni Tiamat

Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Year by Susun Weed ~ This excellent book which focuses predominantly on pregnancies that are carried to term also includes an emmenagogue recipe & protocol: discussion of how to bring on absent menstruation. The language does not explicitly identify abortion, but the recipes & information provided are on point for bringing on bleeding to end a very early pregnancy.


The Red Door Collective  ~ An amazing trusted resource with a generous by-donation pdf download & option to order a physical book detailing 4 different methods of out of clinic pregnancy release methods. “It is the hope of the Red Door Collective that midwives, healers, families, & health care providers can use the resources provided here to serve their communities with accurate and relevant information regarding self-induced, non-clinical abortion care.”