My Story

SamHeadShots11I am endlessly curious about biology & spirituality. I find great inspiration in the ways science & spirit complement one another beautifully in all of creation, but particularly in the realm of fertility & sexuality. The care I provide is informed & inspired by both biochemistry geekery & reverence for  divine creative energy.

“Holistic” is not just a buzz word for me, it is a passion & lifestyle.  It means honoring the fact that our existence is multidimensional: mind, body, & spirit.  The separation of those three aspects of self is an illusion.  I strive to respect & integrate all of these aspects to achieve harmony & well-being.

I grew up in Boise, Idaho with a family full of women who had traumatic reproductive health issues. Starting as a child, before I had a menstrual cycle or awareness of my womb, I listened to the way the women around me talked about their bodies, & watched the way they lived in them.  I took notes (literally!).  At the age of 21 I had a traumatic experience of dysfunctional uterine bleeding that nearly cost me my life.  My personal journey toward healing & balance has exposed me to a variety of information & healing modalities, & it has helped me learn the language of reproductive health in both clinical & personal contexts.  As somebody who has been greatly in need of care, I am a deeply compassionate caregiver.  My sense of humor, wonder, & joy have been thoroughly tested & found to be enduring.

I spent my teens as a peer mediator, sex-educator, & patient advocate at Planned Parenthood.  In my twenties I began attending birth as a doula.  Throughout the past seventeen years I have studied & supported holistic approaches menstrual problems, STIs, PCOS, contraception, & more. I have been a doula for women whose pregnancies end in birth, miscarriage, abortion, & infant loss.  I support my peers as an ally in communication issues with their bodies, their partners, & healthcare providers.  In 2011 I created The Happy Hysteria Health Collective with the mission to create a culture & community of empowered accessible holistic sexual health.  Happy Hysteria was a series of workshops & discussions, an advice column, & a resource for healthcare.


It is a profound honor to provide holistic support for women through a full spectrum of experiences within sexual health, fertility, & pregnancy.

I offer love & education for the wonderous womb continuum.