My Story

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

I am endlessly curious about biology & spirituality. I find great inspiration in the ways science & spirit complement one another in all creation, but particularly in the realm of fertility & sexuality.

I grew up & am currently based in Boise, Idaho.  The women in my lineage have had traumatic reproductive health issues for multiple generations. In my youth I was inspired to study “Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, & “Herbal Healing for Women” by Rosemary Gladstar at, trying to find a remedy for my painful & irregular cycles.

My identity as a reproductive justice activist blossomed in junior high. Idaho schools offered strictly “abstinence only education”. I kept a locker stocked with pamphlets & condoms from Planned Parenthood where I volunteered several hours a week as a community organizer, peer mediator, & educator. My passion for challenging systems of oppression through education took root in these formative years. As a precocious 13 year old, my idea of fun was lobbying with conservative Republican Idaho state legislators about abortion laws.

At 19 a dear friend became pregnant & I began to study traditional midwifery, herbalism, & nutrition to support her. The work of cultural anthropologist Sheila Kitzinger was foundational & is still a strong influence of my approach to birth & sexuality. After a few years of self-study I made my way down to the bay area to sit at the feet of luminary Elizabeth Davis in her midwifery intensive course. As fate would have it the sublet apartment I found in Oakland came with a job at a reproductive health & abortion clinic. The resident I was subletting from was leaving both his apartment & job working the desk at a downtown Oakland clinic that served a diverse population made up mostly of people of color & gender non-conforming folks.

Later that same year, I had a spontaneous uterine hemorrhage that nearly cost me my life. I received 6 blood transfusions & an invasive surgery. Since that crisis I have succeeded in healing both my womb & relationship with it, transforming trauma into a source of power & pleasure.

My personal journey toward health & balance has exposed me to a robust array of information & healing modalities. Combined with my professional experience working at Planned Parenthood clinics & attending hospital births, I have learned the language of sexual health in both clinical & personal contexts.  As somebody who has been greatly in need of care, I am a deeply compassionate caregiver.  My sense of humor, wonder, & joy have been thoroughly tested & found to be enduring.

Throughout the past twenty years I have studied & supported holistic approaches to healing menstrual & hormonal problems, sexual shame & stigma. I have been a professional doula for pregnancies that end in birth, miscarriage, abortion, & infant loss. I  have serve my clients & community as a companion & caregiver in both clinical & home settings.

I teach body literacy & empower autonomy.

I am an ally, not an authority.

I provide radical love & education for the womb continuum.