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Ecstatic Ovulation Awareness

I was asked to write a “spunky & sassy article about ovulation” for a French student midwifery journal  in 2015. I’m re-posting it today in celebration & promotion of the first “Conscious Contraception Online Skillshare” which is an intimate learning circle that starts October 8th, 2018! See details about the skillshare here. Space is limited, & this offering starts October 8th!

Here’s what I wrote for the midiwifery journal back in 2015 about the evolution of my own conscious contraception practice:

Ecstatic Ovulation Awareness

I was 20 years old when I first experienced Ecstatic Ovulation Awareness. For over a month I took daily notes of the movement and softness of my cervix and the properties of my cervical secretions. Every morning I took my temperature and entered the data on a line graph I drew in my boyfriend’s gridded notebook. He affectionately called me his “little scientist” and marveled that none of his other lovers had ever had the incredibly practical yet radical skill of knowing when they were fertile.

Late one night, after a month of daily tracking, I felt an immense rush of energy while riding my bike down a tree-lined avenue with my boyfriend and some friends.  

The moon was full.


“I’m OVULATING!!!” I shouted.


I felt electric and alive.


I felt pleasure and power.

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I am so glad we’re talking about rape culture on this grand of a social media scale y’all.

In addition to the (valid! important!) individual experiences of physical assault, rape, or trauma ~ ALL of us who grew up in any semblance of “normal” American culture have been sexually assaulted & abused. Our psychological, spiritual, & emotional health has been perverted & violated by the way the dominant paradigm treats sexuality : pathologizing, demonizing, dominance, control, commodification, mis & disinformation, mutilation (circumcision) repression, etc

We ALL suffer from rape culture / capitalism / patriarchy, not just “women” identified people who have experienced unwelcome physical manifestations of this deep disconnect to source / self.

The most atrocious violation is that of the entire culture’s minds, hearts, spirits that has made tolerable & actionable the violation of mother earth.
Our bodies are the earth.

While i see the value of this #metoo conversation, I invite you to dig radically deeper than a hashtag, deeper than the burden shared by those socialized in a certain gender-identity.

Dig deeper to examine the roots of sexual violence & rape culture. Find the ways these roots are tangled inextricably to the forces of oppression that turn
resources into commodities
relationships into services.





I feel blessed to have identified a path of devotion for myself
cultivating & honoring my connection to source.

Specifically :
the ways divine creative energy/nature moves inherently through my body in breath,
fertility & sexuality.
I am daily
doing my best to educate & empower others on their own unique paths to embracing their power & feeling their connection.

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Pro Contraception, Pro Abortion, Pro baby

Here’s me at the Museum of Contraception & Abortion in Vienna, Austria.  Pictured behind me & to my side are a variety of antique douche devices & methods that were used historically to wash sperm out of the vagina post-coitus in hopes of avoiding pregnancy.

Douching is not an effective method of contraception,

& while I would love to say that the notion is as antiquated as the devices at the museum, unfortunately I have had several women ask me about douching after sex to avoid pregnancy in recent years. These women were college educated & in their late 20s or 30s! Their confusion speaks to the fact that we have a long way to go on the road to universal access to comprehensive sexual education!The Museum of Contraception & Abortion in Vienna exists to further the mission of access to education. I spent over 3 hours in dialogue with the administrators at the museum sharing ideas, resources, & anecdotes. At one point in history abortion was punishable by death in Austria, & though it is now decriminalized it is not well protected legally; existing in a grey area. Contraception & abortion are not provided by the nation’s otherwise awesome socialized healthcare system, likely due to risidual religious conservatism from centuries of a Catholic ruling class. I was told that secrecy, stigma, & shame were the norm around contraception & abortion even in modern Austrian culture.  If you’re interested in learning more about the history of abortion in Austria, check out the documentary “The Long Arm of The Empress”.

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Planned Parenthood: One Eyed King

  • Our bodies are sacred, capable, & beautiful


  • The mind, body, & spirit connection deserves reverence & respect


  • We can experience embodied joy & personal power through sexual health & fertility


  • We have a right to informed consent through understanding the risks & benefits of a myriad of choices


  • No thing & no one should ever enter the vagina or womb without complete informed consent


>> “consent”:  from the Latin “con” meaning “with” & “sentire” meaning “feeling”.  To me this validates the notion that consent is at its roots an emotional agreement & resonance, not an intellectual understanding or passive permission given.

Image by Miss Led

These statements are the core of my philosophy & the care that I provide.

In my pursuit of living these ideals, I worked with Planned Parenthood for several years.  I volunteered as a youth lobbyist, peer mediator, fund-raiser, & pre-teen sex ed teaching assistant in my home town of Boise, Idaho. I did an administrative internship & was employed as a campus organizer in my late teens & early 20s in Eugene, Oregon. In my early years living in Portland, Oregon I served as a patient advocate at the Southeast clinic, providing basic abortion doula support during surgical procedures.

Over the years as I developed my philosophy & awareness, I came to understand that the institution & political machine of Planned Parenthood did not share or uphold my philosophy. I don’t know if institutions of its size can, but I dream of a world where they do.

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