I provide in-depth continuity of care & support for pregnancy & birth in one-on-one sessions through my mentorship programs.

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Photo by Samantha Zipporah: The Women’s Building SF

After nearly a decade of volunteering & working professionally as a birth doula, I have retired from the on-call life! I now serve birthing people & their support teams through mentorship, private classes & consultation. The education I offer is solidly grounded in physiology, while holding deep respect for the hyper-dimensional aspects of birth as a Rite of Passage. I hold deep compassion for the unique needs & experiences of each individual.

Some of what folks can expect from a childbirth education with me:


  • Accessible & enjoyable anatomy & physiology education including oxytocin, neurobiology, & biochemistry


  •  Perspective on what’s “normal”


  • Facilitation of dialogue with your own body wisdom & intuition


  • Discussion of optimal positioning & a myriad of natural pain coping techniques & tools


  • Assistance creating clear communication with care provider(s), & in intimate relationship(s)


  • Cheerleading & sass


  • Exploration of spiritual, archetypal, & ritual aspects of the birthing process


  • Dialogue exploring birth as a sexual act & an altered state of consciousness

Single Session ~ $200164405_438067902933704_1459500972_n


  • 90 minutes session in person, via video or phone


  • Referrals to amazing trusted practitioners, books, & websites


  • Birth Intentions Worksheet


  • Custom sign for the door of the birthing room stating priority intentions


  • Actionable emotional, spiritual, nutritional, & herbal options for transformative self care practices



No one should ever go without support because of lack of funding.

If you truly cannot afford to pay me with cash, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Check out my Reciprocity & Fees policy. If I cannot meet your needs by offering a sliding scale, payment plan, or work for trade, I will still share valuable resources & referrals.