Conscious Contraception

Conscious Contraception Skillshare


There is immense power in the integrity of your fertility whether or not you desire to create a baby. Being aware of the nuanced phases of your fertility cycle not only empowers the ability to avoid or achieve the conception of human life, it connects you to the rhythmic nature of divine creative energy & the opportunity to thrive in harmony with it.

In this offering participants will receive information & support for creating a conscious contraception plan as unique as they are. This course integrates physiologic realities with socio-political, & psycho-spiritual dimensions of fertility. Participants will receive practical foundational biology education as well as exposure to a rich array of spiritual philosophies & practices.

As a facilitator & guide, I am honored to draw deeply from a well of embodied wisdom earned over 16 years of personal practice.

This offering is for you if you are ready to claim

inner authority

through body literacy & womb sovereignty.

This skillshare is not appropriate for anyone seeking external authority, dogma, or a strict methodology.

*Respectful people of all genders & sexual preferences are welcome, with awareness that content is explicitly designed to empower folks with wombs who like to have sex with folks who have sperm. Participants’ sexual partners are welcome to sit in on all live classes.

*2 scholarships will be available after 5 paying participants sign-up

Our Syllabus Includes:

Physical & Energy Anatomy of The Cycle

  • – Endocrine Ecology & Biochemistry
  • – Nerves, Muscles, Tissues
  • – Archetypal Energies & Psycho-spiritual Dimensions
  •  – Options for Healing & Regulating the Cycle

Fertility Awareness Method

  • – Primary & Secondary Fertility Signals
  • – Analogue Charting
  • – Using Apps & Gadgets to Chart
  • – A&P, Critical Thinking, Risks & Benefits of non-hormonal contraception contraptions including IUDs, Barrier Methods & Menstrual Extraction

Spirituality & Sex Magic

  • – The Sacred Yes
  • – Tao, Tantra, Kabbalah, & Reclaiming Witchcraft
  • – History & Anthropology
  • – Philosophy & Theory
  • – Embodiment Practices & Rituals

Herbal Allies

  • – A&P of Contraception, Implantation Inhibition, & Abortion
  • – History & Anthropology
  • – Theory & Practice
  • – Materia Medica of Emmenagogues & Abortifacients

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Praise from past participants in this skillshare:

“Sam is such a passionate and generous teacher and her perspective being brought to such a tender topic is a gift to us all. I learned so much about myself and what it means to be fertile and see now how much power is in that. I feel better connected to my body, better connected to others who bleed, and better connected to the divine aspects of it all. Sam is so thorough in her work and has such a beautiful spirit of compassion through it all that you feel you can be vulnerable with her, but also that she respects your boundaries and needs. I loved the spiritual aspects of the course the most and am looking forward to diving into her resources again and again and seeking out all the books she recommended, too. This course definitely prepared me to move forward with a clear plan for my fertility and a better understanding of my needs.”
“Conscious contraception skillshare is an incredible course that sprung me into deeper exploration of my sexuality and fertility. It not only helped me strengthen my relationship with my own cycle, but it prompted me to have vital conversations in my romantic partnership to strengthen our trust and consent of the pleasure we explore. I love how Sam pushes the edges of radical education and challenges all the biased bullshit we learned in “sex ed.” I am so thankful for for Sam’s knowledge base and the course that was birthed from her labor.”
“Samantha is an incredible speaker, space-holder, and truly walks what she talks.”
“I felt empowered to learn more, and to take more agency in my own sexual health and fertility choices. Prepare to have your mind blown!”
“I no longer fear my fertility, or view it as something separate and baffling. I see that I am my fertility, my cycle, that I love every part of it. I see the value of healing in every way. I am now much more in tune with myself, and with what my body tells me. Samantha has an incredible approach towards sharing her knowledge, and I loved the way she was so honest and genuine in the skillshare. I will appreciate this forever – I am deeply grateful for everything I have learned and for the opportunity to be involved with this skillshare.”