Miscarriage & Abortion Support

Miscarriage & Abortion Support

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Miscarriage & Abortion Support

About this course

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This course will be closed for maintenance January 1st 2019 through Spring 2019. Students who enroll in 2018 will have lifetime access to all updated  materials. The final live webinar Q&A for this course is coming up on Wednesday December 5th at 6pm MST ~ enroll NOW to join the Q&A &/or have access to the recording!

Ending or losing a pregnancy deserves respect, community, support, and dialogue. Suffering and trauma are not inherent to these experiences: they are situational, subjective, and largely culturally inflicted. With holistic education and soulful support we can help alleviate undue suffering and nourish vital force through these transformational experiences.

This Miscarriage and Abortion Support curriculum is for doulas, midwives, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, social service providers, and community advocates. This course was created to educate and empower those who wish to nurture people through pregnancy loss and termination experiences with respect for the process of healing an integrated and whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

The content includes accessible anatomy and physiology education, insight into a multitude of both spontaneous and deliberate pregnancy release processes, including first and second trimester losses, terminations by a variety of methods at all gestations, missed abortions, miscarriages, and others. The course is designed to help participants expand skills and knowledge by exploring a robust variety of options for holistic healing.


We will answer the following questions and more:

  • How do people experience abortions and miscarriages in all their varieties?
  • What foods, plant medicines, and other practical choices facilitate physical healing?
  • How can we support people with spirituality, ritual, and ceremony?
  • How do we offer excellent compassionate, non-judgmental, non-medical & heart centered attention?
  • What natural pain coping techniques such as visualization, massage, breathing, mantras, & other ‘doula tools’ are useful in support of all pregnancy releases?
  • How can we help people identify & express their feelings, values, & intentions?
  • How can we encourage a healing experience through the abortion or miscarriage?

Participants will receive:

  • Lifetime access to course content : learn at your own pace
  • An opportunity to examine their own biases, feelings, values, and intentions
  • A wealth of resources including hotlines, healers, books, & websites
  • Perspective on what’s normal, what needs extra support, and how to offer this support
  • Monthly live webinar Q&A sessions throughout 2018 (note : DECEMBER 5th will be the last live Q&A until further notice)


Course Structure

  • I. Introduction
    • II. Cultivating Social Consciousness
    • III. Pregnancy Release
    • IV. Miscarriage
    • V. Abortion
    • VI. Emotional Support Toolkit
    • VII. Doula Skills & Concepts
    • VIII. Methods, Procedures, & Options
    • IX. Holistic Healing
    • X. Appendices
    • Thank Yous