“Samantha’s presence in my life came as the answer to a prayer. She is a woman who truly lives her calling and inspires each of us to recognize and honor ourselves authentically. Samantha seamlessly bridges the esoteric and the practical, providing unique resources for moving through blockages and accessing the primordial wisdom that lies latent within every cell of our bodies. Working with her has allowed me to release layers of trauma-informed patterns and embrace life in a way I never could before.”

~ Suzanne, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Herbalist




I offer 3 & 6 month mentorship packages to employ my years of expertise & experience not to instruct,



inform & empower


I am your ally, not your authority.








I offer soulful witnessing, individualized education, cheer-leading, & sass as you pursue your unique path of self awareness & self determination.  The continuity of my care provides accountability, nurturance, & depth.

My expertise & experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Conscious Contraception & Conception ~ Instruction in both the physical practice of Fertility Awareness as well as exploration of spiritual & energy anatomy of fertility


  • Vaginal & Vulva Care ~ Healing & preventing STIs, yeast, bacterial vaginosis, vulvadynia


  • Cycle Support ~ hormonal health, PMS & menstrual issues, trying to conceive (TTC), polycystic ovarian syndrom (PCOS), & endometriosis


  • Sexual Re-Education & Healing ~ Physical & Energy Anatomy, Communicating Boundaries & Desire, Taoist & Tantric practices


  • Full Spectrum Pregnancy Release ~ Preparation, process, & postpartum birth, loss, & termination


  • Rites of Passage + Ritual Weaving ~ Menarche, Full Spectrum Pregnancy & Postpartum, Menopause, divorce, life transitions, spiritual awakening


  • Womb Wellness Care-Providers ~ for aspiring or established professionals who wish to improve their knowledge base, fortify boundaries & self care, & gain support for their unique process in this field of work. Doulas, midwives, counselors, & womb-centric healers of all kinds welcome.



“Sam gave me the space & permission to find what I wanted. She is kind, imaginative, no-nonsense & knowledgeable about both myth & science.  I recommend her services to any woman who’d like help with a reproductive, hormonal or sexual question.”

~ Sascha


In our mentorship relationship you will receive:


  • Life changing education & support!


  • Facilitation of dialogue with your own body wisdom & intuition


  • Help identifying & releasing patterns that promote disease & disconnect


  • Actionable practical tools for self care including but not limited to : healing foods /  nutrition, plant medicine, journal assignments, movement practices, custom rituals, mantras & meditations,


  • Help identifying & expressing your unique feelings, values, & goals as an individual, as well as assistance creating clear communication with care provider(s), & in intimate relationship(s)




Mentorship Packages Consist of 3 or 6 months of:


  • Bi-weekly live ninety minute sessions via video chat, phone, or live in Boise, Idaho


  • Individualized resources & action items at the end of each live session


  • Custom rituals, movement practices & mantras


  • Weekly e-mail check-ins to support your process & accountability


  • E-mail & text support with a maximum 24 hour response time for the duration of our contract


  • A lifetime 50% discount on all my e-books & online course offerings


Shall we?

I care deeply that we are a good fit! I want you to get the best support on your path, even if I am not the gal for you I will happily share resources & ideas!

I invite you to reach out via e-mail to ask any questions you may have, receive an application, & schedule a discovery call.






Financial Investment:


  • Single payment of $1200 / 3 months


  • Single payment of $2400 / 6 months


  • $500/monthly installments for either 3 or 6 month program



No one should go without care & education because of lack of funding!

If the financial investment of a menthorship program is prohibitive & you want my nurturance, please sign up for a session on Yoniversal Health Care Day where I offer individual consults at a sliding scale, with no one turned away for lack of funds.


What my clients are saying:

“I’m so, so happy with our process. Sam has been an incredibly knowledgeable, rooted, & radical guide to me in this journey of self exploration.

Sam is, first of all, incredibly knowledgeable as a cycle mentor & womb educator. Her years of experience spill out when she teaches — each question I had led to 2 or 3 more resources and examples, fostering a strong sense of curiosity & endless learning. She is highly aware of typical teacher-student power dynamics & was intentional &explicit about challenging those norms as a facilitator of my learning experience. Together, we learned & shared in a way where my changing needs, my body, & my experience were valued. I was able to be honest & vulnerable about my own body in a way that fundamentally helped shift how I was relating to my hormones, my cycles, my well being, my right to my femininity.

I’m so grateful for her compassionate voice & commitment to examining the systems of oppression that hinder us from relating to our bodies. From this place, true wisdom has come through. I feel so full.”

~Angie Wolfrum, Acupuncture Student & 3 month mentorship client


“I didn’t come to Sam needing a doula, I came to her with some physical issues/pains in my reproductive system that I’d been concerned with for several months. Sam’s space was warm, inviting and calming. I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable talking with Sam about my concerns. Throughout our session, Sam was extremely great about giving several suggestions and allowing me time to digest them, give feedback. and to ask questions. Her book recommendations were perfect and I’ve already felt a ginormous change from using both her advice on clean eating and using the information in the suggested books that I’m (continuously) reading. It was a learning experience for me through & through & continues to be so. Her insight and wisdom has been a gift to me that I will use for the rest of my life.”

~Amy Willis