Workshops + Events


I will be traveling to several cities across the US & offering a 2 day Womb Sovereignty Skillshare this summer. This offering was created to support people with wombs claiming their power through body literacy & grassroots community building. We will explore practical & radical skills for managing our fertility by building intimate friendships with our own bodies, plants & community members.

Topics covered will be including but not limited to:

Womb Cycle Physical & Energetic Anatomy

Fertility Awareness Method

Conscious Contraception

Herbal Allies for Avoiding Pregnancy

Spelunking With Speculums

Menstrual Extraction

For a more information including a list of dates, locations, & application questions please see this linked page.



Quebec, Canada August 4, 5, & 6th

Art by Jana Brike

“Communicating Boundaries & Desire”

“Holistic & Hopeful HPV & Herpes Healing”

“Ovarian Kung Fu”

Sovereign Woman Retreat

September 7-10 at Goddess Temple & Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland, Oregon


Sarah Bly & Kim Rose Keller