Miscarriage & Abortion Support Curriculum

Ending or losing a pregnancy deserves respect, community, support, and dialogue. Suffering and trauma are not inherent to these experiences: they are situational, subjective, and largely culturally inflicted. With holistic education and soulful support we can help alleviate undue suffering and nourish vital force through these transformational experiences.

The Miscarriage and Abortion Support curriculum I have created is for doulas, midwives, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, social service providers, and community advocates. This course was created to educate and  empower those who wish to nurture people through pregnancy loss and termination experiences with respect for the process of healing an integrated and whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

The content includes accessible anatomy and  physiology education, insight into a multitude of both spontaneous and deliberate pregnancy release processes, including first and second trimester losses, terminations by a variety of methods at all gestations, missed abortions, miscarriages, and others. The course is designed to help participants expand skills and knowledge by exploring a robust variety of options for holistic healing.



This curriculum places a strong emphasis on learning how to first examine our own biases as care providers. In effort to provide more truly non-judgmental support without projecting our own biases, beliefs, & experiences onto others we must learn to identify & set aside our personal process to be fully present with & honoring of the individual we are caring for & their unique path. Exercises & journal questions for personal inquiry are provided for support people to reflect thoroughly on their internal landscape.


The “Emotional Toolkit” module explores simple counseling & meditation techniques, along with communication frameworks that can be utilized to provide dialogue with clients. The concepts, tools, & techniques from relational neurobiologist Dan Siegal, nonviolent communication educator Marshall Rosenberg, Whapio Diane Bartlett of The Matrona, and the ancient philosopher Socrates are referenced.




A robust variety of options to nurture the physical body are explored in great detail, including but not limited to plant medicines for blood stasis & hormonal balance, healing foods & their nutritional value, movement practices, massage techniques, & discussion of sexual healing & the benefits of orgasm. Common threads from diverse traditions of postpartum care are woven into the curriculum, highlighting the practical healing wisdom of our ancestors & drawing from the study of cultural anthropology.


The “Doula Skills” module discusses numerous practical comfort measures for pain management that do one or all of the following:

Reduce the pain at its source


Increase other pleasant or neutral sensations


Engage the individual in activities that focus attention on something besides pain


The “Procedures, Medications & Options” module breaks down the following for seven different methods of resolving pregnancy, in both home & clinical settings:


  • Age of Gestation


  • Setting: Clinic or home?


  • Basic Process: overview of Anatomy & Physiology


  • Process Details


  • Possible Symptoms and Sensations


  • Key points for support people



This course seeks to provide support people with a diverse array of options for supporting spiritual exploration & transformation during miscarriage and abortion, without making assumptions or projecting beliefs or values.  Students will be guided to cultivate neutrality & receptivity; creating a safe space for folks to have their unique spiritual process unfold organically. Practical tools for creating custom rituals, personal inquiry, and resources for structured support from diverse faiths are offered. Traditional ceremonies from Buddhist, Celtic, Jewish, and other cultural & religious heritages are discussed.

Community & Guidance


Folks who enroll in the Miscarriage & Abortion Support E-Course will gain entry into a private facebook group of past & current students of this curriculum.  Each module has prompts for reflection & clarification of Key Concepts. Students are encouraged to share their responses in this facebook group for discussion, feedback, & deepened learning.  I will be actively involved in this online forum, and offer a monthly live Q&A session to provide guidance.

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