Ovulation Awareness



This guide to fertility awareness is informative & delightful whether you want to start tracking your ovulation for simple self awareness, health reasons, avoiding, or achieving pregnancy! The ultimate DIY guide, this zine provides readers with practical illustrated instruction on how to identify & track women’s 3 primary fertility signals, & is narrated with playful warmth & humor.

The accessible, simple, & sassy guide has stood the test of time & been well loved by many. Over the last decade teenagers & professional 30-somethings alike have commented that this little book helped them understand their cycle & fertility more concretely than any other classes or books they’d encountered.

I wrote the 1st edition nearly ten years ago when I was 19. This latest version maintains much of the original colorful language (re: the “f-word” is used for emphasis at least once) as well as a few of the unique collage layouts designed with scissors & glue stick.

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