• Our bodies are sacred, capable, & beautiful


  • The mind, body, & spirit connection deserves reverence & respect


  • We can experience embodied joy & personal power by cultivating healthy sexuality & fertility


  • We have a right to informed consent through understanding the risks & benefits of a myriad of choices


  • No thing & no one should ever enter the vagina or womb without complete informed consent.  “consent” is from the Latin “con” meaning “with” & “sentire” meaning “feeling”.  To me this validates the notion that consent is at its roots an emotional agreement & resonance, not an intellectual understanding or passive permission given.


  • The modern medical system is an industry, not a healing modality. We can choose to be conscious consumers of the goods & services offered by the medical industry while seeking wholeness & healing in a myriad of other ways.
Image by Miss Led

Image by Miss Led