Sexual Empowerment

Links & descriptions for books etc. will be added forthcoming!

Meanwhile, enjoy this juicy list of women’s sexual empowerment resources:


“Anatomy of Arousal” by Sheri Winston

“Vagina” by Naomi Wolf

“Cunt” by Inga Muscio

“Cultivating Female Sexual Energy” by Mantak Chia

“The Multi-Orgasmic Woman” by Mantak Chia & Rachel Carlton Abrams, M.D.

“Women’s Experience of Sex” by Shelia Kitzenger

“The Scientification of Love” by Michel Odent

“The Cunt Coloring Book” by Tee Corinne

“Urban Tantra” by Barbara Carelles

“The Tao of Sex” by Howard S. Levy & Akira Ishihara

“The Clitoral Truth” by Rebeccah Chalker

“Sex for One” by Betty Dodson


Beautiful Cervix Project ~ rad project documenting many cervixes through many cycles

Scarleteen ~ hip teen-centric informative conversations about sex, pregnancy, parenthood, & more

Good Vibrations ~ good sex positivity, toys, & info

RH Reality Check : news site for reproductive health & justice news

Oh Joy Sex Toy ~ adorable, intelligent, awesome comics, educational resources, & more

My Tiny Secrets ~ some juicy, spiritual, & pertinent information 

OMGyes ~ high tech scientifically researched guide on how to pleasure lady parts

One Taste ~ Orgasmic Meditation


Sexplanations with Dr. Doe ~ one of my all time favorite sex-educators, & one whom I have learned the most from in recent years! 

Carlin Ross & Betty Dodson ~ hilarious, matter-of-fact, wonderful dialogue

Laci Green ~ millennial generation’s greatest gift to sex 

Layla Martin ~ some good info about tantra made accessible for mainstream audiences