“Her medicine is strong!!! Samantha Zipporah will open your mind, your heart & restore you to the power & freedom of your own body. Jump in ladies.” ~ Jenn Crawford, Own of Zen Riot Yoga


“Working with Samantha has allowed me to step into an entirely new realm of embodiment, trust, pleasure, & connection with my true nature. Her guidance & compassion opened a door upon which I’d long been knocking, & the resources she provided bolstered my courage to finally step through. I have been blocked around my sexuality since menarche, which has led to a cascade of physical & emotional disorders, & I deeply feared the outpouring of ancient grief and power that I felt compressed behind the dam. But the transformation wasn’t so dramatic as I feared. Samantha listened with great presence & skillfully laid a path towards self-reliance, self-knowledge, & the confidence to embrace the unknown with playful curiosity rather than fear. It is an infinite path that I will continually explore, & I am so grateful to have Samantha as an inspiration & an ally in my journey.

~Suzanne Rosen, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Herbalist, TCM Student, & Client


“I  feel both a greater inner permission to be tender, & also a distinct sense of a shift in my process ~ that I am now moving towards thriving again rather than surviving & our session was the turning point.  I feel more empowerment in the journey that I have been on after being witnessed through verbalizing it. I think that more than anything, our session allowed me to see the sacredness &  health in my decision. It represented to me that this process deserves a doula just as birth does, & therefore it has been a deep & beautiful journey, even though difficult, & not a shameful thing to shove under the rug.  THANK YOU for holding that space.”

~Nisa, Abortion Support Client


“Samantha is a very passionate and compassionate woman. She’s very open to people’s processes and supporting and empowering women within all aspects of their lives. She brings a deep wisdom and knowledge base about the childbearing year and women’s fertility issues.  Her strengths stretch from applying strong advocacy, support, community organizing, counseling and natural pain coping techniques.

In birth, she is a natural guide bringing a lovely blend of warm smile, body awareness, and nurturing approach. She has a deep integrity that comes in a beautiful blend of her intuitive skills and attentive awareness of what is needed by not only the birth mom, but each person in the room and shows an immense adaptability to meet the challenges of the situation directly.”

~ Jesse Henderson, Director & Founder of Mothertree Birth Services & Lead Doula of Providence Maternal Care


“Sam was exactly the kind of doula my husband & I were looking for as we approached the birth of our daughter. We connected with her immediately & trusted her knowledge, experience, and instincts. My labor felt unpredictable, at times frightening, painful, & was quite long. There were also complications with our daughter immediately after she was born. But through it all Sam was available & present to reassure me, guide me & my husband, provide encouragement, & keep us as calm and relaxed as possible. She honored our wishes & specific personalities, & was instrumental in my having an unmedicated birth experience.  I don’t know what would have happened if Sam hadn’t been there but were are so grateful that she was!”

~Mariko Gilman, Birth Doula Client


“Before meeting Sam, I wasn’t sure what kind of birth experience I wanted. My husband & I had discussed how great it would be to deliver naturally, but I’d had my doubts. (Could I do it? Wouldn’t it—you know—really hurt??) Frankly, the more I thought about it, the more stressed out I became. Then, Sam entered the picture &—thank goodness—that wonderful woman talked me off the ledge.

Over the course of several cozy prenatal meetings at our house, Sam helped my husband & I get ready to welcome our little girl into the world. She encouraged us to explore all of our options, but most of all to believe in the power of the female body. Her calm energy & extensive knowledge were infinitely reassuring. Together, we discussed our birth intentions, chatted about worries & concerns, & generally got to know each other. She even attended a yoga birth workshop with us. By the time I finally went into labor nine days past my due date, we felt like Sam was an old friend.

After the first two days of labor, it became clear why Sam had encouraged us to write birth “intentions” rather than goals.  Some things you just can’t plan! Over the course of my labor, which stretched a total of 60 hours, Sam was an advocate, friend, masseuse, therapist, coach, & yoga teacher. I truly believe that her presence in the room prevented a whole host of medical interventions. And when our precious girl was finally born (without an epidural, thank you very much!), Sam was there to congratulate our new family like a true friend.”

~Rebecca Rissman Birth Doula Client


“There are a lot of unknown things in labor, as I have never seen a labor or been a mom.  Sam was very helpful in educating me about birth, rite of passage, & helping me in my journey to overcome my fears.”

~ Robin York, Birth Doula Client


“Sam is a very intuitive doula.  She worked very well with the mother.”

~ Gail Hart, Midwife


“Sam was great! Wonderful support for the family & very appropriate.”

~ Chris Beard, Nurse Midwife


“I didn’t come to Sam needing a doula, I came to her with some physical issues/pains in my reproductive system that I’d been concerned with for several months. Sam’s space was warm, inviting and calming. I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable talking with Sam about my concerns. Throughout our session, Sam was extremely great about giving several suggestions and allowing me time to digest them, give feedback. and to ask questions. Her book recommendations were perfect and I’ve already felt a ginormous change from using both her advice on clean eating and using the information in the suggested books that I’m (continuously) reading. It was a learning experience for me through & through & continues to be so. Her insight and wisdom has been a gift to me that I will use for the rest of my life.”

~Amy Willis, Holistic Sexual Health Ally Client


“Sam doesn’t just nurture bodies, she nurtures souls & spirits and the profound notion that women are powerful & valuable.”

~Celina Wigle, Postpartum Doula


*I cannot say enough positive things about Samantha & my experience with  her. It is always so rewarding & fulfilling to interact with another person who is not only passionate about what they’re offering, but is a master in what they’re offering- & is fulfilling their soul’s mission. Yes, I would say Samantha is a master of her craft. It’s clear that she has spent countless hours learning, researching, & diving into information, as well as deeply connecting with her own inner wisdom.  She presents everything with a deep sense of care, purpose, compassion, honoring, trust, wisdom & clarity. I feel so thankful to have met her & been able to share my experience with her. I would recommend her services to every woman I know.”

~Danielle, Full Spectrum Doula Client


Sam gave me the space & permission to find what I wanted, then supplied a steady force to help me get it.  She is kind, imaginative, no-nonsense and knowledgeable about myth & science.  I recommend her services to any woman who’d like help with a reproductive, hormonal or sexual question.”

Sascha, Medicine of the Feminine Mentorship client