Heroes & Hotlines

A Few of My Heros


  •  Michel Odent – French, fabulous, natural childbirth expert & advocate OB


  • Alisa Vitti – Holistic hormonal health specialist: the ultimate “Cycle Support” guru. I have watched hours of her speaking on youtube, love her book, & almost every thing that comes out of her mouth is something that I would say


  •  Christiane Northrup – the matriarch of Holistic Women’s Health.  If I could buy a copy of her book Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom for every single woman I know, I would.


  • Ina May Gaskin – if you read only one book about birth, read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.  She hugged me at a Midwifery Today Conference!




  • Non-denominational pregnancy options counseling Backline


  • 24 hour Sexual Assault Support SARC


  • For anyone struggling with pregnancy, birth, or postpartum related anxiety or depression: you are not alone!  Break the isolation. Call the lovely ladies over at  Baby Blues Connection to get both a sympathetic ear & a find a group near you