Womb Sovereignty Skillshare



Saturday & Sunday November 4th & 5th in Boise!

This offering was created to support people with wombs claiming their power through body literacy & grassroots community building. We will explore practical & radical skills for managing our fertility by building intimate friendships with our own bodies, plants & community members. Participants will receive invaluable anatomy & physiology education, meet plant allies that help avoid pregnancy, & create their own menstrual extraction kits to take home. Topics covered including but not limited to:

Womb Cycle Physical & Energetic Anatomy

Fertility Awareness Method

Conscious Contraception

Herbal Allies for Avoiding Pregnancy

Spelunking With Speculums (cervical self-exam)

Menstrual Extraction History & Practice



2 full days 10-6 with a potluck lunch

$150-$250 sliding scale

$50 deposit or arrangement of other reciprocity as registration by October 28th

If you would like to participate in the Womb Sovereignty Skillshare, please copy & paste the application questions below into the body of an e-mail sent to sam@samanthazipporah.com with the subject line “WSS app” to begin the registration process. Space is limited. After I secure 5 paying participants a few scholarship & work trade positions will be available.


Art by Jana Brike http://jana-brike.squarespace.com/


What are previous participants from my Womb Sovereignty Skillshare offering saying?

“Before I took Samantha’s class I had deep internalized fears around exploring my own body, and placed my sexuality mostly in the hands of my male partners. Samantha’s approach toward the knowing that we have bodies and we can practice honing in on understanding our sexuality in a very straight forward and clear way was amazingly supportive and inspiring. I honor Samantha so much for her courage and strength to spread this crucial information to women around the country. I am blown away and very inspired.”

“Womb Sovereignty skillshare is not only a deeply through convergence of the spirit, science & basics of the fertility cycle, its a deep act of women’s wisdom, friendship & trust. The circle created & the stage Sam sets is one of righteously & radically reclaiming our womb wisdom while subjugating colonialism & the patriarchy!”

“I have dreampt of living in the paradigm of empowered, autonomous woman care, & at the Womb Sovereignty Skillshare I realized that I was actively living in it. What a breath of fresh air to reclaim our innate womb knowing without the need to be certified. I have a cervix; I can feel it everyday! Thanks to Speculum Spelunking with Sam, now I can look at it everyday. After returning home from the Womb Sovereignty Skillshare I received my moon blood. Being able to watch blood drip from my Cervical Os (which I learned to identify in the Skillshare) was truly an ecstatic empowering experience. Since the skillshare I have charted my cycle in a deeper way, everyday, including charting my temperature; cervical position, texture,  fluids, energy archetype, emotional experience; moon position; & dreams.”

“Absolutely amazing – my mind, heart & womb are ablaze with magic & new purpose”

*Respectful participants of all genders & sexual preferences interested in learning these skills are welcome to join, with awareness that our content is explicitly designed to empower folks with wombs who like to have sex with folks who have sperm.

Application Questions


Preferred Pronoun: Age:


E-mail Address:

  • How did you hear about this skillshare?
  • Why are these skills important to you?
  • What is your experience working with reproductive healthcare &/or as an activist?
  • Do you already have or practice any of the skills that will be shared in this offering? What is your familiarity with this material & content?
  • Please share some of your feelings & experiences with the

-menstrual cycle:



  • What are your main questions or concerns about these skills?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself & your interest in these skills?
  • If you are interested in scholarship or work trade, please share a little bit about why you feel you are deserving or in need of scholarship, or what goods, services, or skills you would like to offer in trade:

Thank you so much for your interest! 

I will be on the road from May 22-Sept.15 & will have limited internet access during this time.  Thank you kindly for your patience as I will respond as quickly as I am able.