single sessions / Yoniversal Health Care Day

Yoniversal Health Care Day!

Art by Jana Brike

Once a month I offer a full day of consultations on a sliding scale of $33-$99 per session ~ with no one turned away for lack of funds.

These sessions are appropriate for individuals seeking wellness & education on their personal journey toward embodied & empowered fertility & sexuality


for aspiring or established care providers & educators in my field seeking guidance & resources in their work (doulas, midwives, LMTs, TCM practitioners, medical providers etc ).

Click this link to sign up to see me in person at my home office in Boise, Idaho, or connect remotely via video chat or phone if desired.

I tend to be booked out 2-3 months in advance lately. If your needs are urgent, see my “Urgent Counsel” service page & follow the directions there to inquire about my immediate availability.  Otherwise, please accept my gratitude for your patience! It’s truly an honor to be of service to you on your path to body literacy & sovereignty. Consider exploring my rich resource pages & reading up on your topic of interest meanwhile!